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About Us

caRRev is a car review aggregator that provides easy access to car reviews from the most respected mainstream and enthusiast sources, as well as individual car owners. We provide a platform to aggregate and publish new and used car reviews + video reviews from Experts, Enthusiasts and Individual Owners. We focus on ease of use, quality of reviews, author recognition and author attribution.

We want to make car buying and researching a little bit easier and help you find better information faster. We want you to find and listen to every review about the car you want, already bought or just admiring - the good, the bad and the ugly because you deserve to know as much as possible about something you want or already have in your garage!

We feel that an author, as well as a publication, should be credited for their work. We include author data, links and attributions with every review. In addition, all contributors, experts and/or enthusiasts get a page providing a full history of reviews as well as the ability for our users to constructively comment on and share their work.

If you feel that we are missing some quality information from great resources please send us an e-mail with what source you think we should add.