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2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Long-Term Update 6
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By: MotorTrend On: 01-30-2016 Model(s): We couldn’t let the Z/28 go without one last hurrah, and boy, did it get one. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro
Author Experience: Expert review

We couldn’t let the Z/28 go without one last hurrah, and boy, did it get one. A month shy of its return date, we finally got our hands on its new archrival, the Ford Shelby GT350R. I can think of no better send-off than that comparison test.

Performing such a test meant driving the car like it was meant to be driven, not just commuting in it. It meant a full day of hard driving on our absolute favorite canyon roads. It meant two full days at a race track and a trip to the dragstrip. It meant treating this car like the blunt instrument of speed it is and reveling in how good it is.

Because that’s the beautiful thing about the Z/28. It’s a hammer, and corners are nails. For as sophisticated as its shocks and engine and tires and brakes are, it’s built for abuse. The harder you hit, the harder it hits you back. It’s like the car has this primordial rage in it clawing at the walls. Hit the bumps and holes, and the Z/28 punches its tires back into the pavement. Bang it off of ramped curbs like you’re fighting for the V-8 Supercars championship Down Under. You might get a wheel or two off the ground, but it’ll still grip, and it’ll grip even harder when they come down. And the car will love it. There’s something satisfying about that at a very base level.

Of course, hard driving has a price. In this case, the price is $2,200 for yet another set of Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. (It’s our fourth set, including the tires that came with the car, but who’s counting?) Tearing up canyons, lapping race tracks, and doing lurid drifts for the camera kill tires. Who knew?

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