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2017 Mazda 3 Grand Touring review: Our favorite hatch
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By: AutoweekUSA On: 11-28-2017 Model(s): This isn’t the first review you’ll read that heaps praise on the Mazda 3. 2017 Mazda 3
Author Experience: Expert review

This isn’t the first review you’ll read that heaps praise on the Mazda 3. It’s been a reviewer favorite for years now, which should be no secret to regular readers. The 2017 model carries things further in a positive direction -- though in a very low-key way. For the sake of those just now joining us, I’ll run though the model’s baseline attributes once more.

There’s its curb appeal, for one. It’s probably the best-looking, cleanest sedan in this class; if you think the new Civic sedan is a tad overwrought, here’s an antidote. The 3 hatchback gets slightly more balanced lines to go along with its enhanced functionality, and the larger Mazda 6 sedan makes for a prettier, more elegant four-door, but for a compact sedan? Not bad.

Plus, the very fact that I can even remember that Mazda’s design language is called “Kodo: Soul of Motion” speaks volumes about how clearly it stands out in a crowded field.

Another thing we’ve emphasized time and time again: It’s a good driver. It’s not quite a GTI, nor is it trying to be (although I have no doubt Mazda could fight that fight if it wanted to), but it’s not a chintzy econobox either.

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